Man Vs Fire: Imagine Fire being ALL the difficulties, challenges, obstacles, trials, and tribulations you face on and off the job. The MvF mission is to help prepare you for ALL the fires you face. Encouragement, training, self improvement, and desire to be better than you were yesterday is the foundation of MvF. 



Welcome to Man Vs Fire

My name is Michael (Mike) Custode.

In 2012 I developed Man Vs Fire via Facebook with the intention to learn as much as I possibly could about the profession of Firefighting, EMS, and all things Rescue.

At the time I had developed the early stages of MvF I had 11 years on the job.  It’s a dangerous time for firefighters. I had enough time to have seen and experienced some things. However, I did not nearly have the experience I needed to be comfortable. In every profession I’ve had, I’ve always made it a point to try to learn as much as I could. Man Vs Fire is an extension of that learning. I absolutely proclaim that I am not an expert in any aspect of Firefighting, EMS, & Rescue. However, I am the professional student of the craft. If you’re in this profession you should be also.

Being on the Job is so much more than NFPA manuals, 40 hour classes, seminars, and articles out of Fire Engineering, and Firehouse Magazine. It’s a lifestyle, It’s a brotherhood like no other. It’s who you are on and off duty.

The premise behind Man Vs Fire is to not only bring you relevant training and news related to the Fire Service. It’s to help develop all aspects of the Firefighter as a whole. This include On & Off duty life. Training the Mind, Body, and Soul to be better than we were yesterday.

Thank you for being a part of the greatest profession and wanting to be the best you on and off duty you can be.

Courage, Integrity, Character, Strength, and Honor,

Michael Custode